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Tools for Community Builders
We are a group of community builders who love building tools that support other community builders. We created the Community Canvas, Communities List, and Co Builders Facebook Group among a few other things.
What tool would help you build stronger communities?
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Operationalized Community Canvas
A guide to assessing the health of a community and implementing strategies to make areas that need work stronger. A sort of playbook that creates alignment and makes investing time and resources in community building a strategic must. A framework that is flexible, collaborative and creative, yet structured enough to capture excitement and momentum.
Submitted by Annalyn
Skills & Competence Matrix
A tool where members can share and showcase their skills and competences, which could be useful for the growth and self-awareness of the community.
Submitted by Cloed
Needs & Haves
An email based tool that lets members share their needs and haves in a weekly email digest.
Submitted by Sascha
Unified Job Board
A job board where you can post and find community related full-time, part-time and gig based opportunities. Filter by location and type.
Submitted by Fabian
Member Application & Selection
Growing your community is all about finding and selecting the best and most passionate members. We want to create an easy way for you to let members apply and join the community. This feature will help you create form to ask member relevant questions but also make the selection process easier for you by showcasing each applicant. Once selected it will introduce members to the onboarding segment.
Submitted by Sascha
Smart Member Directory
A member directory that lets you import your member data from a spreadsheet and adds publicly available data from around the web to each of your members. Once members are in the directory they will be able to log in with their email and give access to their social profiles to further enhance the directory.
Submitted by Tiago