Purpose to The People

This Handbook exists to bridge the gap between social activism and personal transformation work. In it you will find practical steps for connecting to your own life’s purpose and making a bigger impact in the world.

Icebreakers: thoughtful exercises and activities to improve team performance

Relationship building exercises help to find out corporate team building activity ideas in order to make team building ideas. Corporate team building exercises & fun relationship building exercises are essential to make fun team building ideas.

Framework Games Social Tools

Quaker Business Method

A meeting place for those who believe that integrity matters in business and the workplace


Models of Impact

Models of Impact is a role-playing and ideation game that makes it easy (and fun!) to generate new, sustainable, business models.

Study Collaboration

An open access library of collaborative methods for Artists.

The Neighborhood Playbook

A field guide for community members and developers that facilitates the activation of spaces with the goal of influencing physical and economic growth in neighborhoods. Our hope is that The Playbook will create more neighborhood amenities where people want to spend time, interact socially, create memorable experiences, and connect with the built and natural environment. It will allow entrepreneurial developers to explore new markets with lower risk en route to developing authentic, lasting investments. Together, developers and everyone else will be able to increase the value of their neighborhoods by making them healthier, more fun places to live.

Authentic Revolution

Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.

Sense of Community Index

The Sense of Community Index (SCI) is the measure most frequently used in the social sciences to gauge a sense of community. The SCI has been used in numerous studies within different cultures in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, as well as many contexts (e.g., urban, suburban, rural, tribal, workplaces, schools, universities, recreational clubs, Internet communities). The SCI is based on a theory presented by McMillan and Chavis (1986) that a sense of community is a perception with an affective component. The theory identifies four elements of a sense of community: membership, influence, meeting needs, and a shared emotional connection.

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The Human Networks Festival


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Community anti-harassment/Policy

by Geek Feminism Wiki. This is an example community anti-harassment policy, particularly designed for use in communities that are primarily online. If your community meets entirely in person, you may prefer the Conference anti-harassment policy, which is designed for in-person events. We also suggest that even groups...

Framework Policy Rules Harassment


A complete system for self-organization. The traditional hierarchy is reaching its limits, but “flat management” alternatives lack the rigor needed to run a business effectively. Holacracy is a third-way: it brings structure and discipline to a peer-to-peer workplace.

Framework Business Management

Eden Project Communities |

We connect people and communities, encouraging everyday people to make positive change where they live. We are home to The Big Lunch, the UK’s annual get together for neighbours, and Eden Project Community Camps, the inspirational residential camps for the movers and shakers of our communities. We believe small steps make a big difference and we believe in sharing the joy. Come with us. Take action. Connect.

World Café

A structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic at several tables, with individuals switching tables periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a "table host".

Framework Communication

NPR Listening Party Kit

Community-led NPR Listening Parties are popping up all over the country. Get the kit.

Framework Event Radio

Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

Framework Social

Hyper Island Toolbox

A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or organization.

Framework Collaboration

Community Canvas

A framework that helps people and organizations build stronger communities. It provides a template for anyone who brings people together.

Framework Foundation

Drugs Over Dinner

Let's Have Dinner and Talk About Drugs. Drugs Over Dinner is a toolkit to plan, host and moderate a conversation about drugs and addiction.

Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework - Yu-kai Chou

Octalysis is an internationally acclaimed Gamification Framework that utilizes 8 Core Drives to analyze challenges, identify opportunities, and create actionable steps to drive human behavior through human-focused design.

Framework Gamification