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All Things Communities with Jacob Peters
Jacob Peters, co-founder of Commsor, joins Erik on this episode to discuss: What makes a great community. The difference between a community and a network. How to get a community off the ground. Phases of communities and how to scale them. How companies can build community. How to think about monetization of a community. His investing thesis around communities and his requests for startups.
Susan Pinker: What Makes Social Connection So Vital To Our Well-Being?
It's the TED Radio Hour from NPR. I'm Manoush Zomorodi. And on the show today, ideas about loneliness. If you've been feeling lonely during this time of social distancing, you're actually in good company. But how does a lack of social connection affect us, affect our health?
Measuring the Business Impact of Community
In this episode, we had the privilege to interview one of the most influential voices in the community space today. Richard Millington has spent the past decade helping 250+ companies develop some of the world’s largest online communities. He is the founder of FeverBee, an international community consultancy, and his clients have included Google, Facebook, Oracle, Wikipedia, EMC, Greenpeace, United Nations, and many more. Prior to FeverBee, Richard interned with Seth Godin in New York. He started his first online community in 1999 and is the author of The Indispensable Community and Buzzing Communities, which have been widely cited as introducing the best practice into developing successful communities. What’s the biggest challenge businesses face when implementing community strategy? Why do most community strategies fail to achieve their goals? How can community managers apply psychology to their work to develop successful, indispensable communities? What are some metrics you think are important when measuring community impact? What is the relationship between building community and ecosystems, and how has it changed in the last decade? Answers to these questions and more - in our latest interview with Richard.
Unlocking Us with Brené Brown
"I’ve spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: We are hardwired for connection, and connecting requires courage, vulnerability, and conversation. I want this to be a podcast that’s real, unpolished, honest, and reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human. Episodes will include conversations with the people who are teaching me, challenging me, confusing me, or maybe even ticking me off a little. I'll also have direct conversations with you about what I’m learning from new research, and we'll do some episodes dedicated to answering your questions. We don’t have to do life alone. We were never meant to."
Together Apart
Together Apart is part guide, part reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit to still creatively meaningfully gather, even while we have to be apart. The show is hosted by Priya Parker, a conflict facilitator whose expertise is in how we gather. Together Apart is produced by Magnificent Noise, in partnership with The New York Times.
Harvard Divinity School
By Harvard Divinity School. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps. Expand your understanding of the ways religion shapes the world with lectures, interviews, and reflections from Harvard Divinity School.
On Being
Starting Points are thoughtfully curated collections of audio, essays, and poetry from The On Being Project’s deep archive. Revisit old favorites and find new ones.
The Conversation Factory
Creating breakthrough change means changing the conversation. Conversations are the core of every team and organization. Those conversations can run on habit or inertia. Great organizations and teams design their conversations.
CTZN is having conversations at the intersection of wellbeing and justice. We’re not afraid to ask hard questions and have radical dialogue about politics and patriarchy, white supremacy and worthiness. And we’re serious about showing up for one another and taking action for the wellbeing of everyone.
Formerly known as Healing Justice Podcast, Irresistible is a virtual practice space at the intersection of collective healing & social change. We share a conversations with powerful social justice leaders, and accompanying audio practices to help resource you in your leadership and vision. We are more than resistance -- we are irresistible.
The co-matter podcast
The co-matter podcast is a series of conversations about the future of bringing people together. Hosted by Severin Matusek from co-matter, a global network exploring what makes communities thrive.
Church Planting 1
Every year, there’s a movement of thousands of pastors starting new churches — they call them church plants. It’s a world remarkably parallel to the tech industry, with incubators, growth metrics and, well, angel investors. One of these pastors, Watson Jones III, has dreams of starting a bustling new church in North Philly. But first, he has to figure out how to get people to show up. Watson might have the most difficult task of any founder in America: Convincing people who don’t know — or even believe — in God to change their minds and join his church.
The Sacred Podcast
A podcast about the things we hold sacred and how to talk to people different from ourselves.
Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
Awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you with SuperSoul. Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.
Where Should We Begin?
Our original audio series takes you into the antechamber of intimate moments. Here we learn, explore, and experience alongside the couples who have been gracious enough to let us in.
The Lonely Hour
The Lonely Hour is a podcast about loneliness–but it’s not a bummer. Julia Bainbridge has created a space to talk openly in hopes of both de-stigmatizing loneliness and underscoring the joys of solitude
Get Together
A show about ordinary people building extraordinary communities that bridge the gaps between us. Hosted by the co-founders of People & Company and co-authors behind "Get Together: How to build a community with your people," Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh and Kai Elmer Sotto, and our friends Mia Quagliarello and Maggie Zhang.
Community Signal
Community Signal is a weekly podcast for online community professionals, hosted by industry veteran Patrick O’Keefe. There are plenty of social media and marketing podcasts out there. That’s not what this is. Social media is set of tools. Community is a strategy you apply to those tools. Marketing brings new customers. Community helps you keep them.
Is modern society making us depressed?
“What if depression is, in fact, a form of grief — for our own lives not being as they should?” asks Johann Hari. “What if it is a form of grief for the connections we have lost yet still need?” In his new book, Lost Connections, Hari advances an argument both radical and obvious: Depression and anxiety are more than just chemical imbalances in the brain. They are the result of our social environments, our relationships, our political contexts — our lives, in short. Hari, who has struggled with depression since his youth, went on a journey to try to understand the social causes of mental illness, the ones we prefer not to talk about because changing them is harder than handing out a pill. What he returned with is a book that claims to be about depression but is actually about the ways we’ve screwed up modern society and created a world that leaves far too many of us alienated, anxious, despairing, and lost.
Brandon Stanton – The Story of Humans of New York
Brandon Stanton (@humansofny) is the photographer behind Humans of New York. He attended the University of Georgia and worked as a bond trader in Chicago before moving to New York to pursue photography. Followed by over 25 million people on social media, Humans of New York features daily glimpses into the lives of strangers on the streets of New York City. It has been turned into two #1 New York Times bestselling books: Humans of New York and Humans of New York: Stories. In recent years, Brandon has expanded the blog to include stories from over thirty different countries, and was invited in 2015 to interview Barack Obama in the oval office. In 2017, Humans of New York was turned into a television series that is now available on Facebook Watch.
If You Build It, Will They Come?
A young preacher opens a new church. A new restaurant reopens old wounds. This week, stories of people trying to build something that will last.
David Brooks on Youth, Morality, and Loneliness
For two hours every morning, David Brooks crawls around his living room floor, organizing piles of research. Then, the piles become paragraphs, the paragraphs become columns or chapters, and the process — which he calls “writing” — is complete. After that he might go out and see some people. A lunch, say, with his friend Tyler. And the two will discuss the things they’re thinking, writing, and learning about. And David will feel rejuvenated, for he is a social animal (as are we all).
#29 The Takeover
Thomas Oscar is an Australian teenager who tried to make the most boring Facebook group possible - a group where members pretend to be corporate drones in a non-existent office.
Belonging w/ Jillian Richardson
Jillian Richardson is an interdimensional beam of healing light, sent here to help reconnect the human race. She stopped by the Very Ape Space Capsule and blessed us with her knowledge on how to combat loneliness in this ever fragmented world. This one is all about building community, finding a sense of belonging and having a goddamn great time doing it. Enjoy!
Dual Talk Noah Levine & Josh Korda
42 minute spontaneous talk given by Noah Levine and Josh Korda at Against the Stream Meditation Center, Febuary 26, 2018.
Touch Hunger
This week and next week’s episodes are the last ones recorded on my horizontal does america tour, which took place in October & November of 2017. Lucid Studios NYC provided a car, and I went on a solo road trip adventure, circumnavigating the U.S., covering 10,700 miles and recording with people in their homes, in their cities. We recorded this episode in Austin, Texas, in a color-saturated cottage sanctuary filled with art and altars, called the Blue Star Temple. In this episode, I lie down with Epiphany Jordan. Epiphany is a nurturer by trade, a professional cuddler, aka the Chief Oxytocin Provider of Karuna Sessions, described as the “rolls royce” of cuddling experiences,” a 2-on-1 deepdive immersion in mothering energy and loving touch.
What About Your Friends?
Friendships are especially hard when we're all socially distanced. So join Zakiya and Titi as they explore the psychology behind being a good friend. This lab features a special appearance from the hosts of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, who talk about their new book, Big Friendship. Guest Expert: Dr. Marisa G. Franco.
Mara Zepeda on Innovative Collaboration
Mara Zepeda talks to Jim about co-founding a community platform, capital & creativity, alternative investment, extractive growth, empowering cooperatives, and much more… Mara Zepeda talks to Jim about what led Mara to co-found the Switchboard community platform, the ask & offer dynamic, GameB, the interaction of capital & creativity, Jim’s entrepreneurial history, alternative investment structures & unjust financial systems.
Richard Bartlett on Self-Organizing Collaboration
Richard Bartlett talks to Jim about his experiences with decentralized work & organization, transitioning from game a to Gameb, models for financial solidarity, technology-first vs psychology-first approaches to collaboration, dyad vs crew vs congregation dynamics, competency-based networks, practices vs principles, moving podcasts towards community, activism vs actionism, decision-making methods & conflict management, post-COVID network change potential, fundamentals focus in big change movements, intentions vs competencies, the power of modularity, and more.
Working, Making, Creating in Public... and Private
We're living in an unprecedented era of online collaboration, coordination, and creation. All kinds of people are coming together -- whether in an open source project or company, an R&D initiative, a department in a company, a club or special interest group, even a group of friends and family -- around some shared interest or activity. But the word "members" is faceless, and doesn't help us really understand, support (and better design for) these http://communities.so/ in this special book launch episode of the a16z Podcast, Nadia Eghbal -- author of the new book Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software published by Stripe Press -- shares with a16z editor in chief Sonal Chokshi the latest research and insights from years of studying the health of open source communities (for Ford Foundation), working in developer experience (at GitHub), researching the economics and production of software (at Protocol Labs), and now focusing on writer experience at Substack.Eghbal offers a new taxonomy of communities -- including newer phenomena such as "stadiums" of open source developers, other creators, and really, influencers -- who are performing their work in massive spaces where the work is public (and not necessarily participatory). So what lessons of open source communities do and don't apply to the passion economy and creator communities? How does the evolution of online communities -- really, social networks -- shift the focus to reputation and status as a service? And what if working in public is also about sharing in private, given the "dark forest theory of the internet", the growing desire for more "high-shared context" groups and spaces (including even podcasts and newsletters)? All this and more in this episode.
Community Builder Show
The reason Travis started this podcast was so he could learn how to play his role in deepening human connection with the people that matter most to his world. Travis decided to turn the world into my classroom, podcast style. Listen in on the conversations he's having with the people making a difference to bring us closer together all over the world. Every week, I interview people who are connecting members of different tribes all over the world. They are the agents of change that enable connection to happen. If you're interested in or curious about how to build a community, deepen relationships with the people that matter most to your life or business, this is the podcast for you.
How Do You Design a Community? Start with the Why or the Who
COVID-19 has certainly complicated our ability to gather in person. Community is so important to us at the Design Museum, and like anything, you can be intentional about designing creating, maintaining, and growing community. It’s more than simply bringing people together and watching the magic happen, even though that’s definitely part of it! In this episode we talk to two community experts. Sara Sigel is a product and community builder who advises and invests in profit-from purpose companies — she’s an Advisor and Investor at Rev Boston. And Sascha Mombartz is a multidisciplinary design director, and the Founder of The Office for Visual Affairs. Sascha and his 2 other community-loving friends created the Community Canvas, which is a framework that will help you build a community. Plus we have our weekly dose of good design.
In Before The Lock
In Before The Lock is a podcast from Erica Kuhl and Brian Oblinger about community, customer experience, and leadership at scale.
Peers over Beers Podcast
With their easy and natural inquisitive banter, your hosts will tackle hard issues facing community managers in their day-to-day struggles, and yes, over a beer. From starting new communities, digitally transforming enterprise culture, moderation, and globalization techniques are all up for discussion.
Conversations with Community Managers
Join The Community Roundtable as they discuss best practices in community management with a variety of community management professionals from around the world.
Masters of Community with David Spinks
Community is more important than ever. This show brings you conversations with the top community builders, leaders, and experts in the world. Hear their stories, insights, and advice, and take your community strategy to the next level.
Create Community
Exploring the human side of community.On this podcast, host Marsha Druker (Founder of Fuckup Nights Toronto) chats with fellow community builders to define what “community” truly means and how it evolves with changing times.
Solidarity Is This
Solidarity Is This is a podcast created and hosted by Deepa Iyer, Senior Advisor at Building Movement Project where she runs Solidarity Is, a multi-pronged project to deepen transformative solidarity practices, models, and ideas. On the podcast, we explore how individuals and institutions are experimenting with cross-racial and cross-movement solidarity in America’s changing racial landscape. Learn more at www.solidarityis.org.

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